Books I Want To Be Turned Into Movies | Top Five List #1

I got the idea for this post from Books over People. You can view her post here.

1. The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey




This is one of my favorite books/series ever and I think that it would be a really cool movie. I recently found out that it is becoming a movie, and I am so excited.

2. The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken




This book was a really fun read, and if the movie stayed true to the book I think it would be really really good. And with the current YA dystopia craze, I wouldn’t be surprised if this became a movie real soon.

3. Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare




I saw the City of Bones movie back when it came out, and I have tiadmit that while I like the books, the movie was somewhat disappointing. However, if they can do the Infernal Devices movies right, they could be epic. I liked this series much more than TMI, and I would love to see the Shadowhunter on screen with the Victorian London backdrop. Also… William Herondale (*fanboys*)

4. Paper Towns by John Green




This is my favorite John Green book, and I think it would make a really fun movie. I love the road trip aspect and the characters. Supposedly this book is being made into a movie, so we’ll see.

5. Legend, by Marie Lu




This book is so quick and fast paced that it felt like I was “reading a movie”. Its action packed and I love the setting, and I think it would make a really cool film.


5 thoughts on “Books I Want To Be Turned Into Movies | Top Five List #1

  1. I’m excited for The 5th Wave too (: I don’t want Clockwork Angel to be adapted because it’s just so good and I feel like they’d mess it up and that would suck, but if they did do it right then it would be epic. Legend would make a fantastic movie, if they could do it like The Hunger Games or even Divergent then it would be such a success


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