Favorite Harry Potter Characters | Top Five List #3

Today is Harry Potter’s (and J.K. Rowling’s) birthday, and to celebrate, I thought I’d do a top five countdown of my favorite characters from the wonderful book series. Without further ado, let’s get started!

5. Dobby the House-elf

Dobby is just so wonderful, especially in the later books. I like how he risks his life to save Harry, even though it means betraying his former masters. Plus, he is kinda adorable. I’m sort of upset he wasn’t in the movies as much, even though he was in the majority of the books. 

4. Bellatrix Lestrange


Now, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely abhor Bellatrix. But she’s just such a fun character to hate (especially in the movies). And she’s pretty badass, and really creepy, and badass and creepy characters are my favorite kinds, and so I put her on the list, despite killing two of my other favorite characters. 

3. Sirius Black


I siriusly love Sirius (sorry, I had to). He’s such a good father figure to Harry, and he’s such a well written and interesting character. I was so upset when he died, and really wish that it had been Arthur, as Rowling had previously planned (no offense to any Weasley fans!), because honestly, Sirius > Mr. Weasley. Just saying. 

2. Luna Lovegood

Luna Gif

Luna damn Lovegood is just so funny and amazing. She always makes me laugh, and the casting for her was absolutely perfect, in my opinion. Honestly, the main reason why I love Luna so much is because of Evanna Lynch. Plus, she’s just so unique and doesn’t care what others think about her, which is something I really admire. 

1. Hermione Granger


Smart. Gorgeous, Badass, Loyal. All of these words perfectly described Hermione, my all time favorite character from the Harry Potter series (and possibly in all of literature as well). She is just so freaking amazing, and perfect. Let’s be honest, without her, there would be no Harry Potter series, because Harry probably would have been dead by the end of book three. Plus, she’s played by the wonderful Emma Watson, so that’s a plus.

So those are my five favorite characters from Harry Potter! Who’s your favorite? Let me know by leaving a comment!


9 thoughts on “Favorite Harry Potter Characters | Top Five List #3

  1. I know right, about Bellatrix! After reading the books my sister and i would just discuss every character deepest desires 😀 We both loved Bellatrix because she gave us so much to hate and talk about! And a big high five for Luna Lovegood ( and Evanna Lynch of course) 😀


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