August TBR

Happy August, everyone! (It’s so weird to even say that like how did that even happen?)

July was a decently successful month for me, in which I read two books and started another, started my blog and wrote nine posts, and making decent progress on the novel I am currently working on. This may not seem like a lot to some people, but I’m pretty proud of myself, which is all that matters.

I start school on Monday (*sobs*), so while I may not be as productive this month, I still want to get some things done.


1. Reading (TBR)

For the month of August, I hope to finish Clockwork Princess and read at least three more books, including Falling Kingdoms and The Revenge of Seven (which comes out later this month). I don’t know what else I want to read quite yet, but I’m sure I’ll find something that’ll interest me.

Clockwork Princess 2 Falling Kingdoms 2 The Revenge of Seven

2. Writing

I haven’t talked too much about writing on this blog yet, but in addition to loving to read, I also enjoy writing. This month, I hope to finish or at least get close to finishing the novel I am working on.

3. Blogging

This month, I want to post at least twice a week, hopefully more. I’m planning to post a review for each book I read, as well as participating in Top Ten Tuesday and (possibly) Waiting on Wednesday. Also, I want to start doing weekly wrap-ups on Saturdays, but I’m not completely sure quite yet.

These are my goals for the month of August. Hopefully I can achieve these, and hopefully school doesn’t suck too much.

What are you planning on reading/doing this month! Let me know by leaving a comment!

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