Favorite Male Characters | Top Five List #4

Last month, I wrote a post about my five favorite female book characters. And so I thought it would only be appropriate to do a follow up post about my favorite male characters. 

1. William Herondale (The Infernal Devices)

I talk about how much I love Will in pretty much almost post. He’s just so amazing and the main reason why I love The Infernal Devices more than The Mortal Instruments. He’s hilarious and his story is pretty damn heartbreaking.

2. Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson and the Olympians/The Heroes of Olympus)

Percy Jackson

I feel like anyone who’s read PJO or HOO can understand why Percy is on the list. Not only is he funny and just so fun to read about, but he is just a bit of a badass as well, especially in the later books.

3. Finnick Odair (Catching Fire/Mockingjay)

Finnick Odair

I feel as if pretty much everyone loves Finnick. At least, I know that I do. He’s definitely one of my favorite characters from the Hunger Games trilogy, and so he definitely deserves to be on this list. 

4. Liam Stewart (The Darkest Minds)

I actually love Liam so much. It’s hard to explain, but to me, he’s just one of those characters that it’s impossible to not like. He’s just so … wonderful and I just can’t even (and now I’m even more excited for In The Afterlight — why do I do this to myself?).

5. Sirius Black (Harry Potter)


The only adult on this list, Sirius is one of my favorite characters from the Harry Potter series. His story and character development are very well done, and when he dies (oh, spoiler alert, although I’m pretty sure everyone’s read the books/seen the movies by now), I nearly cried.

Well, those are my five favorite male characters. Honorary mentions include: Augustus Waters, Harry Potter, James Carstairs, Simon Lewis, and Gale Hawthorne. Are your favorites on this list? If not, who are they? Leave me a comment letting me know!


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