Favorite TV Shows | Top Five List #5

Usually, on this blog, I write about books. But honestly, I love TV shows just as much as I love books, and so I decided to write about my five favorite shows. (I do what I want.)

5. Castle

 Castle 2

This is my favorite crime show, mainly because it centers on a writer working with the NYPD–pretty freaking cool. I’ll admit, I’ve not seen the entire series (I missed the first few seasons and never got around to watching them), but I still enjoy it very much.

4. Nikita


This is one of my favorites for many reasons. First, I love love love Maggie Q. Second, the fight scenes are so badass. Third, it’s a really fun show to watch. I’ve only seen the first three seasons, because the fourth one isn’t on Netflix yet, but when/if it is, I’m watching it immediately.

3. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead2

I started watching this show in December, just after the season four mid-season finale, because all of my friends were talking about it and I wanted to be able to join the conversation. I’m so glad that I did, because it is now one of my favorite shows, not only because the show itself is really well done, but because I just love talking about it with my friends and discussing who we think will die or what will happen next, etc.

2. The Following

The Following

I absolutely love violent, bloody things where a lot of people die, both in literature and television. This show is pretty much the perfect show for me, focusing on a cult of serial killers. All of your favorite characters die, but that’s part of the fun of the show.

1. Lost


I watched Lost last summer, and absolutely fell in love with it. It’s such a good show and I cried when I finished the last episode. I miss it so much because it was so good and I don’t think anything will ever live up to the amazingness that was Lost.

Is your favorite show on this list? If not, what is it? Leave a comment to let me know (and give me show recommendations).

~ RJ


5 thoughts on “Favorite TV Shows | Top Five List #5

  1. Wow! I love love love ur choices. I’m a huge Castle fan since I’ve watched every season of it and made amazing new friends because of this show. But it’s not my favorite, and it is not on your list either. The show is House M.D. It has everything in it and Hugh Laurie as House just leaves me speechless everytime. It’s not airing anymore but I feel like it is a show that everyone should watch someday.

    Oh, and I love Lost and TWD, too! Good taste, Mister


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