August Wrap-Up + September TBR

Welcome to September, everyone! I love September because it’s the beginning of fall, and also is my birthday month. Yay for that. 

Before getting into my September goals and TBR list, I want to quickly revisit my August goals.

I wanted to finish Clockwork Princess and read three other books. Well, I finished Clockwork Princess (you can read my review here) and read Falling Kingdoms (review coming soon!). So, uh, I sort of failed my reading goal…

I also failed my writing goal. I wanted to finish the novel I was working on, but I quickly grew bored of it and set it aside. But I began planning my NaNoWriMo novel, so it wasn’t a total failure, I guess. 

Despite these failures, my blogging goal was successful. I wanted to write two posts a week (or eight posts in the month), and I ended up writing 11–three more than I had hoped. Some of the posts I wrote this month were a list of my favorite TV shows, my favorite male characters, and the best sequels I’ve read.

Now, let’s get into my September goals and TBR.

1. Reading (TBR)

This month, I want to read four books. After last month’s failure, I’m not sure how realistic this goal is, but I’ll try. I want to read The Revenge of Seven, The Dead, The Iron Trial (which comes out September 9), and The Infinite Sea (which comes out September 16).

The Revenge of Seven The Infinite Sea The Dead The Iron Trial

2. Blogging

This month, I want to continue trying to keep up with two posts per week. It seemed to work really well for me last month, so I thought it’d make sense to do the same thing this month. I want to definitely post more reviews, and I’ll continue doing Top Ten Tuesday and Weekly Wrap-Ups. 

Those are my goals for the month! I’m probably not going to do too much writing this month, which is why I didn’t set any goals for it. 

What are you planning on reading this month? I’d love to know, so leave a comment letting me know!

~ RJ 


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