Weekly Wrap-Up #4

Saturday Wrap-Up GreyWhite

Hello everyone! I actually got a lot done this week, and I’m pretty proud of myself.

Firstly, I finished reading The Dead. I also read about 250 pages of The Revenge of Seven. So far, I’m really enjoying it and it’s going by so quickly. I’m planning to finish it by Wednesday.

I wrote a total of five blog posts this week:
~ On Sunday, I was tagged to do the Book Blogger Confessions Tag.
~ On Tuesday, I wrote about underrated authors/books.
~ On Wednesday, I expressed my utter excitement for The Blood of Olympus.
~ On Thursday, I wrote a review of The Dead (5/5 Stars–it was so good).
~ And on Friday, I wrote about my favorite book-to-movie adaptations.

However, I’m not planning on writing a lot this week; I just started another college class (yay for college prep schools >.<), and also have an exam on Wednesday that I really need to study for. However, I’m planning to still post a decent amount. What you can expect:
~ Top Ten Tuesday on Tuesday
~ Waiting on Wednesday on Wednesday
~ a review of The Revenge of Seven (if I finish it)
~ possibly a book haul, as I’ve recently acquired some books
~ and a Wrap-Up on Saturday

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to accomplish these. After Wednesday, though, I won’t be too bust (hopefully), so I’ll be good there.

Also, The Infinite Sea comes out on Tuesday! I’m so excited, and that’ll probably be the next thing I read. My birthday is on Thursday, so that’s cool. And the Maze Runner movie comes out on Friday, which is exciting as well.

What are you planning on reading this week? Let me know by leaving me a comment. And thanks for reading!

~ RJ


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