The Liebster Award, Part 2

I was nominated for the Liebster Award again, this time by Michelle at The Writing Hufflepuff. Thanks for the nomination, it means a lot. This time I’m not going to the whole award process, seeing as I’ve already done it (also I’m lazy), but instead I’m just going to answer the questions.

1. If you could go back in time, which author would you like to meet? And if you don’t like any dead authors, which living author would you like to meet?
All of my favorite authors are still alive, so I’m going to go ahead and answer the second part of the question. I’d want to meet J.K. Rowling, obviously, because I love Harry Potter.

2. Which character would you love to have as a BFF?
I’d love to be best friends with either Luna Lovegood or Hermione Granger, because I absolutely love them both. Also Percy Jackson . . . and William Herondale (*fanboys*).

3. Do you think there is a character out there that would be your arch enemy if they existed? (and I don’t mean arch enemies like Harry and Voldemort, more like Harry and Draco).
I’m sure there’s someone, I just can’t think of one. Maybe Draco? But I feel as though that’s a pretty obvious answer.

4. Is there a book out there that you’d love to see as a Disney film?
I can’t really think of one right now . . . but I’m sure there’s a lot of books that works make good Disney films.

5. Write a poem/haiku/song or something like that for your favourite book.
The Darkest Minds, bae.
I just love it so much, bae.
Liam is my bae.

(I’m such a good haiku writer, I know)

6. Are you a writer? If so, why do you write? What are your hopes and dreams?
Despite the terrible haiku written above, I actually am a writer. I write lots of things: short stories, novels, and screenplays being my favorites. I write because I like to tell stories and I also like the “technical” aspect of it–taking the rules and breaking them. One day, I want to have a published novel and/or have written/developed a TV show/movie.

7. Do you prefer to line your books on your shelves or to stack them?
Well, I actually don’t have “shelves” (I know, it’s sad). There’s this area at the top of my closet where I put them. It’s limited space, so I kind of just put them there anyway I need to so that they fit–so both lining and stacking. I really need shelves . . .

8. Is there a book you’d never want to live in, simply because it’s too dangerous?
The Hunger Games? The 5th Wave? Pretty much any dystopia (unless, of course, I was part of the government)

9. A book you’d recommend to everyone?
The Darkest Minds! For sure it’s one of my favorite book series of all time.

10. Do you like to read classics? If so, what’s your favourite?
I don’t really like to read classics, but I have to read a lot for school. My favorites include: Lord of the Flies, The Catcher in the Rye, Animal Farm, Fahrenheit 451 and Night.

11. You are stuck in a library for the rest of the night, but… you are not alone… Would this be worth it? You’d be able to read whatever you want, but who is out there in the shadows…?
Uh, sorry, but no. As much as I love to read, I don’t want to die. So, no.

Well, that’s it. Thanks again to The Writing Hufflepuff for nominating me!

~ RJ


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