September Wrap-Up + October TBR

It’s now October, which means discount candy and colder weather, two of my favorite things.

Today was the last day of the quarter for me, meaning I get a week break from school, which I’m really looking forward to. More time to binge-watch shows on Netflix (and to read of course) means that I’ll be very happy for the next week.

September was a pretty successful month for me. I finished reading four books (The Dead, Pride and Prejudice, The Revenge of Seven, and The Fear) and started another two (Winger and Under the Dome), one of which (Winger) I’m almost done with. I also was able to surpass my blogging goal of eight posts, by posting double that. So I’m pretty proud of myself.

In October, I hope to read a lot, so my TBR is a bit optimistic:
~ Winger by Andrew Smith
~ The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey
~ ‘Salem’s Lot by Stephen King
~ The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan
~ Hemlock Grove by some author whose name I forget and am too lazy to look up
~ The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black
~ The Sacrifice by Charlie Higson

In addition to my reading goals, I also am hoping to (read: need to) decide on what I’m writing for NaNoWriMo and then outline it. I’m actually contemplating not doing NaNo this year, but we’ll see about that. Anyways, I also started watching American Horror Story, and absolutely love it. I just finished the first season, and I want to finish season 2 and maybe season 3 before the end of the month, which seems pretty reasonable. Also, I want to continue with the goal of eight blog posts this month, although it will likely be more.

Well, those are my goals for the month. What are you planning on reading/doing this month. Leave a comment letting me know. And happy October everyone!

~ RJ


4 thoughts on “September Wrap-Up + October TBR

  1. Halloween is the perfect time to read Salem’s Lot. I think to this day it remains one of his scariest books and that’s saying something? His new book Revival is coming in November. Are you going to try it? The books I’ll be reading this month are:
    Blood of Olympus
    The Infinite Sea
    Winterspell, by Claire Legrande
    Lockwood & Co and The Whispering Skull, by Jonathan Stroud
    Revenge of Seven, by Pitticus Lore
    Snake Bite, by Andy Lane
    Oh gosh. I know there’s more!


    1. I hadn’t heard of Revival. I might read it but there are other books by him that I really want to read (The Stand and It, namely). Also, I’m excited for Blood of Olympus! And thanks for commenting, btw! xx


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