Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus Tag | Book Tag #2

The Writing Hufflepuff did/created this tag, and it looked like fun, so I’m going to do it. Also, you should all check out her blog!

I’m so excited for The Blood of Olympus! Two days! (Except my email says the expected delivery date is 10/8-10/14–if it comes after the 8th I will literally kill someone. Maybe, not literally, but still, I’ll be mad.)

Anyways, shall we begin? We shall.

Your fatal flaw when it comes to books?

I spoil myself all the time. I sometimes will skip to the last page of a chapter, and of course, something monumental will happen in the last sentence. Or sometimes, I’ll look up a summary of a sequel before reading it, just to make sure none of my favorite characters die. It’s bad.

The Hestia on your bookshelves: an underrated book.

Technically, it’s not on my bookshelves, seeing as I borrowed it, but I’d have to say The Enemy series. They’re so good. There’s not ever a boring moment, and the characters are just wonderful. I’d recommend them to everyone, but I feel like no one talks about them.

Oh no! Hades is wearing his Boo Cap: a book that scared you.

The one that first comes to mind is actually The Lighting Thief, oddly enough. Don’t judge me, I first read it when I was like nine, and at the time, that Minotaur scene was terrifying. Recently, though, I’d have to say The Enemy series again.

To the Zeus Cave: your favorite spot to read.

My bed. It’s pretty much the only place I read, other than at school or sometimes in the car. Anywhere else is just uncomfortable. Moving on.

A book you’d fall into Tartarus to get your hands on?

Other than The Blood of Olympus, an obvious choice, I’d have to say In the Afterlight, which is the third and final book in the Darkest Minds trilogy. I’m so excited to read it, and it comes out later this month, which is just amazing!

Rick Riordan is the sass master: the sassiest book you’ve read?

I mean, the Percy Jackson books are pretty sassy…? Also, The Fault In Our Stars has some pretty sassy moments by Hazel.

The following questions are about the series itself.

Who can absolutely not die?

Personally, I really, really don’t want Leo to die, but I feel like it is definitely a possibility. Obviously, Percy and Annabeth are safe. I also hope that Hazel doesn’t die.

One event that HAS to happen?

I want to say Leo going back to Calypso, but truthfully, I don’t want that to happen in Blood of Olympus. The reason being that if it doesn’t happen, there will probably be another series, in which they are reunited, which I really want. Anyways, to answer the question, there needs to be some closure with Frank and the death-wood, in my opinion.

Favorite minor character?

Thalia, hands down. She’s so badass. I love her.

Favorite book in the entire series?

From the first series, it’s The Last Olympian. From The Heroes of Olympus, it’s The Mark of Athena.

Favorite and least favorite god?

Favorites: Athena, Artemis, Apollo, Poseidon, Hades.
Least favorites: Zeus, Dionysus.

Your godly parent?

Part of me wants to say Athena, but part of me wants to say Poseidon (do you see the irony?).

How important are the books to you and why?

They’re hella important. Besides Harry Potter, they’re one of my favorite book series. While Harry Potter was what got a lot of people to start reading, Percy Jackson did that for me. I started reading them in fourth grade, I believe, because one of my best friends recommended them to me. The fact that it is ending soon feels like the end of my childhood.

A message to Uncle Rick?

Thank you. So much. Even though you broke my heart (repetitively), thank you. And if this is the end of Percy Jackson, I will never forgive you.

Tag five other demigods.

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Hopefully you all like Percy Jackson; it’d be pretty awkward if you didn’t. I’m pretty sure you all do though. And, of course, if anyone else wants to do this tag, consider yourself tagged.

~ RJ


4 thoughts on “Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus Tag | Book Tag #2

  1. Thanks for tagging me! I love Percy Jackson. *hyperventilates* Blood of Olympus!!! I’m okay. I so cheat too, making sure my favorite characters aren’t going to die. If they are I want to be prepared! Mark of Athena was my favorite from the series too, well until Blood of Olympus. 😉

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