Weekly Wrap-Up #7

Saturday Wrap-Up GreyWhite

Hey everyone! This week, I was on break, and therefore I had a lot of time for reading and blogging. I read two books (one novel and one e-novella) and made my way through a lot of The Blood of Olympus. Unfortunately, I go back to school on Monday, meaning that I’m going to be busy again, which kind of sucks.

What I’ve Done

~ I’ve been trying to get back into writing creatively, to prepare for NaNoWriMo, because that’s coming up soon and I hadn’t written any sort of story in months. This past week I wrote two short stories. They’re bad, but at least it’s something.

~ I also finished watching American Horror Story: Asylum. It was wonderful and heartbreaking. I’m upset because Coven isn’t on Netflix, which I have to wait who knows how long to continue with the series.

~ I have two tests on Wednesday: the PSAT (which I’m not too worried about, to be honest, seeing as it’s just a practice) and a psychology exam (which I am worried about because if I don’t get at least a B in that class I will cry), and I’ve not studied for either of them. At all. Wish me luck.

What I’ve Read

~ The Infinite Sea (The 5th Wave #2) by Rick Yancey (3 Stars)
~ In Time (The Darkest Minds #1.5) by Alexandra Bracken (5 Stars)
~ The Blood of Olympus (Heroes of Olympus #5) by Rick Riordan (started, will hopefully finish this week)

What I’ve Posted

Like I said, I wrote a post every day this week. It was fun, but I doubt it’ll happen again for a very long time (maybe Thanksgiving?).

~ On Sunday, I prepared for The Blood of Olympus by doing the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus book tag.
~ On Monday, I got a little personal did the 10 to 1 Challenge.
~ On Tuesday, I wrote about books for readers who like character driven novels.
~ On Wednesday, I expressed my excitement for In the Afterlight, the third and final book in The Darkest Minds trilogy.
~ On Thursday, I did the Pick a Letter game, which was really fun.
~ On Friday, I reviewed The Infinite Sea.

 What To Expect

I won’t have nearly as much free time this week, meaning reading and blogging will be limited, but I still want to get a lot done this week. I’m hoping to write a lot of posts this weekend and schedule them.

~ a Top Ten Tuesday
~ a review of The Blood of Olympus (if I finish it) and In Time (possibly)
~ a book haul
~ and a wrap-up on Saturday!

What are you planning on reading this week? Leave me a comment and let me know!


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