Bucket List Tag

This tag was created by Serenity Books. The rules are as follows:

~ Write the rules in your post
~ Thank the person who tagged you
~ Write ten things that you wish to do in the future
~ Tag 5 other bloggers to do this tag

I was tagged by Always Opinionated Girl. Thanks for tagging me! (Also, you all should go check out her blog. She’s pretty awesome.)

1. Go to Australia.
2. Backpack through Europe.
3. Post every day for an entire month.
4. Go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (it is opening in L.A. in 2016 and I am so excited).
5. Go to a movie premiere.
6. Make a short film.
7. Move to Los Angeles.
8. Go to a concert.
9. Go to Vidcon.
10. Publish a novel.

I tag:

Molly Mortensen @ Woven Magic Books
Nirvana’s Pocketful
Little Onion Writes
Brin’s Book Blog
and everyone else who wants to do this tag!

Thanks for reading, everyone! I’m starting to get inspired to read and blog again! Expect more posts in the coming weeks. 😀

~ RJ


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