The Sacrifice by Charlie Higson | Book Review + Discussion

The SacrificeThe Sacrifice (The Enemy #4)
by Charlie Higson

Genre: Horror/Young Adult
Publication Date: 11 June 2013 (U.S.)
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion (U.S.)
Pages: 496
Format: Hardcover
Source: Borrowed

Synopsis (from Goodreads): [Note: As this is book four in a series, this synopsis contains minor spoilers for previous books in the series. If you wish to not be spoiled at all, feel free to skip down to ‘My Thoughts.’] 

The Sacrifice picks up after Small Sam and The Kid arrive at the Tower of London at the end of The Dead. Though Sam finds safety and friendship at the Tower with Jordan Hordern’s crew, he can’t settle down. The only thing he wants is to be reunited with his sister, Ella. Despite Ed’s protests, Sam and the Kid strike out westward, through the no-go zone.

Meanwhile, Shadowman is tracking Saint George across north London, watching him build up his army. Shadowman knows that Saint George is an extremely dangerous threat, but no one will take his warnings seriously.

Some answers to the questions we’ve been wondering about–What is the Disease? Where did it come from? Is there a cure?–are addressed by an unexpected source: a diseased adult nicknamed Wormwood who has the ability to speak, though his ravings are difficult to decipher.

Unspeakable horror, edge-of-the-seat suspense, and stomach-churning plot twists continue in Book 4 of Charlie Higson’s masterful Enemy saga.

(This part of the review is spoiler free)

Once again, as with all of these books, I loved this book.

If you don’t know, the basic premise of this series is that all adults have been turned into zombie-like creatures that feed on the kids, and the kids have to fight to survive in their new world. If that sounds like something that would interest you, pick up these books ASAP. They’re worth it.

Higson does a really, really great job at writing characters. They feel real, and I love the ones that I’m supposed to love and I hate the ones I’m supposed to hate. The only bad thing about this book, and the series, is the romance. It feels awkward and out of place. Honestly, why would anyone care about getting into a romantic relationship when they’re always in imminent danger?

While this one wasn’t my favorite of the series, it was very good. I don’t really know what else to say, other than it was really good, without spoiling anything. I really like how everything is coming together and the many different storylines are crossing. I’m starting to miss the characters from the first book, but they’re in the next one.

★ (5/5 Stars)


Okay, first things first, characters. Ed, of course, I loved, and I’ve loved him since book 2. Small Sam and The Kid are definitely the leads in this book, even though there are a lot of “main” characters. It took me a while to get used to them, but now I love them. Shadowman is probably my favorite character of this series, so I was glad that he was in this book a lot. Tish… I freaking hated Tish so much, which I think was Higson’s goal. However, her sacrifice at the end of the book didn’t really redeem her for me, and I’m pretty glad that she’s dead. And Mad Matt; I hate him and I really hope he dies. Saif, too, was annoying, but I’m pretty sure he’s not dead. I guess we’ll see.

One of my favorite parts in the book is when Shadowman meets Jaz, Johnny, and Ricky, and he tries to convince them that those strangers are more dangerous, and they don’t listen to him, and then Ricky dies. And then when they’re trapped in the car and Shadowman has to save them. My heart was pounding at that scene.

I also really liked the part where Shadowman goes to rescue the kid in the truck and it turns out the kid is dead. And the part where the Kid is sent to Wormwood and manages to escape because he’s really smart. The ending was pretty epic as well, though not as epic as The Dead.

I’m excited to continue on with this series, especially since the next one follows the Holloway group, which we haven’t really seen since book one.

Thanks for reading my review of The Sacrifice! I’m not really sure if I should continue with reviewing these books, since my reviews for all of them are kind of the same and I can’t say much without spoiling. Let me know your opinion, please; I’d really appreciate it. Anyways, adios!

~ RJ


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