Hyped Books I’ve Never Read | Top Ten Tuesday #18

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. You can find out more about the feature here. It’s been way too long since I’ve done one of these. This week is all about hyped books I haven’t read. Most of these are ones that I want to get to, but some are ones that are hyped but don’t interest me at all. Let’s just go ahead and get started!

1. A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

This is one that I really, really want to read. I think that out of all the books, this is the one that I want to read the most. It’s pretty hyped, probably in part due to the beautiful cover, but for some reason I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

2. The Book Thief by Marus Zusak

This book is extremely hyped, and I’ve been wanting to read it for a very very long time. I’ve started it, but I couldn’t get into it, but I want to try again.

3. We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

This book had a lot of hype around it last summer, and I meant to read it, but I never got around to it for some reason. I’m not sure if I still want to read it, but I might. Who knows?

4. Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

I’ve heard mixed things about this book, but most of what I’ve heard has been extremely positive. It sounds like something I’d really like, so it’s definitely something I want to pick up eventually.

5. A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin

This book. I really want to read it, but it’s so freaking long and the rest of the books are freaking huge and I just don’t know if I can do it.

6. The DUFF by Kody Keplinger

This is a hyped book that I don’t really want to read. I saw the movie and I thought it was pretty good, but I don’t have any desire at all to read the book.

7. The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

I want to read this eventually, but I don’t know when I’ll get to it. My friend really likes it, and I trust her opinion, which is the main reason I want to read this.

8. Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

Eh. I don’t really have any intention to read this either. I might watch the show when it comes out, but I don’t really want to read it.

9. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

This is another one that I probably won’t read. It sounds kind of interesting, but something about it is putting me off. I might give it a chance, but there are so many other things that I’d rather read.

10. If I Stay by Gayle Forman

This one is one that I definitely won’t be reading. Sorry to any fans of this book, but it really doesn’t interest me at all.

Well, that’s it for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday! Let me know if you and I have any books in common! Thanks for reading everyone (and ask me questions here if you want.)

12 thoughts on “Hyped Books I’ve Never Read | Top Ten Tuesday #18

  1. I LOVED A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC. (Okay I just love V.E. Schwab but the worldbuilding in that book was perfect).
    I haven’t read The Book Thief but after hearing all the hype about it I kind of don’t want to. I didn’t like We Were Liars at all but I’m also in the minority. I found Cadence, the main character, really snobby.
    My friend watched the movie for The DUFF and told me that I probably wouldn’t like it or the book because it wasn’t the type of stuff I liked. She’s probably right because she knows me too well lol.

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    1. I’ve heard so many good things about V. E. Schwab but I think ADSoM is the one I’m most interested in reading. I’ve heard similar things about We Were Liars, but I want to give it a chance. And I like watching movies like The DUFF but I don’t particularly like reading books like The DUFF, if you know what I mean.

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  2. I love the Throne Of Glass series and enjoyed reading The DUFF. The Da Vinci Code and The Book Thief not as good as I hoped and I really didn’t like We Were Liars. A Game Of Thrones is an interesting series, but really long books with tons of characters and long descriptions do make it hard to finish them quickly… The rest of the titles are on my TBR as well.

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    1. Yeah, GoT is really long and kind of intimidating, but they sound really good. Throne of Glass is pretty high up on my TBR right now, I’ll probably start it fairly soon.

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      1. I’ve heard a lot of people prefering to listen to the audiobook instead of the physical version… I guess it does make it easier to finish GoT. Plus, each chapter is about a different character, so it’s easy to read them in between other reads.
        I hope you will enjoy Throne Of Glass! I had some minor issues with the first book, but both sequels are awesome.

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      2. I’m not really a fan of audiobooks though, but I might have to give it a try. I’m really excited to start the Throne of Glass series though.


  3. I also want to read The Darker Shade of Magic. The reviews are stellar on this one! I tried reading The Book Thief and the narration is really cool since it’s death narrating it but I didn’t really feel it. I’m willing to give it a try though. We Were Liars was kind of a let down for me but many people love this one!!! OMG. Can’t wait for you to read, Shatter Me, Unbecoming and The Da Vinci Code! All beyong amazing reads. Can’t wait to see what you think. We have to fangirl about it! I loved If I Stay as well (the movie was great) but Where She Went is so much better for me! 🙂

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