Recommendations: My Favorite Ongoing Series

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be talking about my favorite ongoing series! The following series are all amazing and I love them so much. I wholeheartedly recommend all of them. Anyway, without further ado, let’s get started!

cinderThe Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

Currently, there are three books in the main series plus a prequel of sorts and some short story things, and the fourth and final book comes out next month! If you don’t know, these books are fairy tale retellings set in a futuristic sci-fi world. Marissa Meyer does an excellent job at working together the original fairy tales and her futuristic setting and it’s just so great. If you want more detailed reviews, you can read mine here: [ Glitches / Cinder / Scarlet / Cress / Fairest ]

Falling Kingdoms by Morgan RhodesRebel Spring

This series is just wonderful. I love fantasy books a lot, and Morgan Rhodes consistently delivers with these ones. Each book is better than the last, which is so rare but definitely appreciated. It’s a high fantasy about three warring kingdoms. I love how Morgan Rhodes weaves together multiple storylines and multiple perspectives so well. There are three books out, and the fourth one comes out in December. I think it’s going to be a six book series, which means there’s still a lot of time for you to catch up. I have reviews of all of the books, which you can check out here: [ Falling Kingdoms / Rebel Spring / Gathering Darkness ]

The Enemy by Charlie HigsonThe Hunted

I talk about this series so much because I just really love it a lot. It’s about children trying to survive after a disease turns everyone over the age of sixteen into zombies (except they’re technically not zombies) and it’s honestly just so cool. There’s so many characters and it’s so fun to see how they all interact with each other and the zombies. There’s six books out and the final book comes out in June and I am so freaking excited for that book. In the UK the final book comes out in November, though. (Holy damn that’s next month!?) I have reviews of all of these books as well, which you can read here: [ The Enemy / The Dead / The Fear / The Sacrifice / The Fallen / The Hunted ].

Magisterium by Holly Black and Cassandra Clarethe iron trial

This is a middle grade fantasy series. I love everything that Cassandra Clare writes, so I knew I was going to like this. There’s a lot of similarities to Harry Potter, but it’s different enough. There are so many twists and turns that make it so hard to put down. The first book contains one of the biggest plot twists I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. I love the characters so much as well. There’s currently two books out, and the next one comes out sometime next year. If you want to read my reviews, click here: [ The Iron Trial / The Copper Gauntlet ]

Lorien Legacies by Pittacus LoreThe Fate of Ten

These books are just so fun and quick to read. It’s about aliens and they fight with other aliens and they have to survive on Earth and not get killed. That summary doesn’t do the books justice at all… just give them a chance. It’s hard to explain what they’re about because so much happens. One of my favorite characters ever, Six, is from this series. She’s so badass and just her alone makes these books worth reading. There’s six books out and the last one is supposed to come out in August. I only have reviews of the two most recent books, but I’m not going to link them because they’re really spoilery.

Well, those are my favorite ongoing series! But I’m always looking for new good series to start, so let me know your favorites! Thank for reading, and I hope you all have a good night.

~ RJ


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