The Forest, or Yet Another Non-Scary Horror Movie | Movie Mondays 01.11.16

Movie Mondays

Hey everyone! In today’s Movie Monday, I’m going to be doing a review of the recently released The Forest.

The Forest Movie Review

The Foret.jpg

The Forest is directed by Jason Zada and stars Natalie Dormer as twins Sara and Jess, and Taylor Kinney as Aiden, a man who I think is from Australia, lives in Japan, and has an American accent… There’s some other actors in the film but for the most part the other characters are very irrelevant and don’t contribute much to the plot. The film was mediocre at best. While the concept was intriguing, the execution didn’t do it for me. The acting fell flat and the movie didn’t feel scary, instead resorting to cheap jump scares. I found the film more funny than scary. 

The film follows Sara as she travels to Japan to search for her twin sister Jess, who has gone missing. She learns that Jess has gone into the Suicide Forest, and so she, Aiden, and a Japanese man named Michi (Yukiyoshi Ozawa), go into the forest to find her. It’s a cool concept, because the suicide forest idea really does intrigue me, and I want to learn more about the real-life forest because the whole thing just sounds so interesting to me.

Plot aside, the acting fell flat. Natalie Dormer’s performance was far from terrible, but I think it must be difficult to portray two characters. However, her two characters were hardly on screen together, so you’d think it would be easy to keep them separate. Unfortunately, other than their different-colored hair, they felt like the exact same character to me. There was hardly any character development. I think the acting would have been more successful if they casted a second actress to play Jess. Also, I think this is more of a writing problem than an acting problem. Also, Sara did some frustratingly stupid things, which is to be expected from a horror movie. And again, this is more the writer’s fault than Dormer’s.

Taylor Kinney as Aiden was just annoying. He just really irritated me for some reason. I don’t really know how to explain it, but he just did. That’s pretty much all I have to say about him.

This film was so laughable. It was supposed to be a horror, but my friend and I, along with the audience, laughed so much more than we screamed. There’s a character named Hoshiko who I think is supposed to be scary but was actually just so funny to me. She was unnecessary, but definitely made the film more enjoyable by contributing to a quick laugh every now and then. In addition, I think the writers and director forgot at some points that the film was supposed to be scary. There would be spans of time where it felt just like a drama, just to be disrupted by a quick jump scare to remind the audience that they’re supposed to be scared.

All in all, The Forest was a film that started out with a cool concept but fell flat with the execution. I went in with low expectations, not expecting to be amazed, and I wasn’t. I give it a C rating. If you want to watch it, maybe wait to rent it.

Well, that’s my review of The Forest! It’s my first movie review on this blog, so please let me know what you think of it! Thanks for reading!
~ RJ

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